What is the process of adoption?/How do I get approved for adoption?
Once you find a pet that fits into your home, you will need to fill out an application. For the application to be approved for adoption, there are few things we will review. In addition to reviewing the answers to the questions on the application, we will need to see a letter from the landlord, not a copy of the lease or pet addendum, that shows us that you have been given permission to have a pet (or another pet) on the property if you do not own your home (i.e. rent or lease). Also, we will need to be provided with copies of the current rabies vaccinations of the pets (dogs or cats) already living in your home. Once everything is submitted and your application is approved, you will pay the fee, read and sign the adoption contract, and fill out the microchip papers. This process should take approximately thirty (30) minutes. Afterwards, we will schedule the alteration appointment and transport your pet to the veterinarian of your choice. You will then be able to officially pick the pet up from the Vet and take it home after surgery. Note: Rogers Animal Services does not accept adoption applications on animals while they are in their initial holding period of six (6) days. Please call (479) 621-1197 to verify the animal is available.

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