Records Unit

The Records Unit is responsible for the storage, maintenance, and release of criminal and accident reports generated within the department.

Records Unit Personnel

Staff is available during normal business hours, however some Records Unit personnel may be available at the police department after regular business hours.

Police Services Representatives

There are 4 full-time Police Services Representatives who perform a variety of administrative responsibilities including processing tickets, answering phones, taking criminal reports, as well as many other customer service related duties.

Records Unit Personnel

Prisoner Transport Officers

There are 5 full-time Prisoner Transport Officers who perform some of the duties of the Police Services Representatives, as well as assisting with the booking and transporting of prisoners.

Records Unit Supervisor

The Records Unit Supervisor is responsible for the direct supervision and overall operation of the Records Unit.

Warrant Information

The Rogers District Court issues all warrants and collects all fines, fees, and costs including traffic tickets. If you have any questions or concerns related to these, please contact the court at 479-621-1132.