Animal Shelter

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Animal Shelter News

A Big Thank You!Posted February 1, 2017 

Rogers Animal Services was able to take it one step further this last year. In 2016, we had a Live Release Rate of 100%! Our adoptions decreased some because we returned over 100 more animals to their owners compared to the previous year. We were able to save many, many lives this past year, and we couldn’t have done without the support of our great City Administration and, of course, this city’s wonderful citizens. Thank you for helping us to accomplish this amazing feat! We will be working hard to maintain that level of success and to continue to improve the lives of our four legged friends in 2017. 

Social MediaPosted June 1, 2016

Social Media has proven to be a wonderful tool for showcasing some of our animals here at the shelter and reuniting lost pets back with their owners. We also like to use it for highlighting upcoming adoption and special events. We do our very best to keep up with it. We ask, however, that if you need assistance from animal control or if you have a question that needs a timely response then do not send a message to us on Facebook. Please call us directly at 479-621-1197. We can respond more quickly and with a better level of service.