Towing Information

The Rogers Police Department strives to give the best service to our citizens by contracting with specific tow companies which meets or exceeds everyone’s needs.  If you find yourself involved in a situation where your vehicle has been towed under the direction of the Rogers Police Department, the following is the maximum that you may be charged by the tow companies we are contracted with:

Tow Charge:                          $35.00

Storage Charge:                    $40.00

Hourly Rate at Scene:           Not to exceed  $125.00 per hour after 30 minutes on scene

Mileage:                                  Not to exceed $4.00 per mile

These rates apply to any normal tow within the city of Rogers.  In extreme situations, the tow company may charge extra for additional equipment or personnel which is not a part of our city contract.

If you feel that you have been charged incorrectly or have a complaint with the company that towed your vehicle, please feel free to contact our department at 479-636-4141 and ask for either the on-duty supervisor or Lt. Mike Johnson.