Are there any low cost or free alteration and/or vaccination clinics in the area?
Yes, there are a few options. There are two low cost spay/neuter clinics in the area: Spay Arkansas, located in Springdale, open Monday through Wednesday, call 479-756-1100 for appointments; and The Mobile Spay Unit run by the N.W.A. Animal Rescue, different location every month, open once a month, email at for dates, locations, and appointments. Also, around the April - May time of the year, most cities have Vaccination Clinics going on at different times and places around NWA. Call your local Animal Shelter or Veterinarian for dates and times; the list usually comes out around early- to mid-March.

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1. What are City Pet Licenses?
2. How do we register animals for City License?
3. Where do I go to get City License?
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6. Is there a Leash Law in Rogers?
7. Is there an ordinance for barking dogs?
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16. If I adopt an animal from your facility, does it have to get altered?
17. Do you accept owner surrenders at your facility?
18. Are there Community Service opportunities at your facility?
19. Are there Volunteer opportunities at your facility?
20. Are there any low cost or free alteration and/or vaccination clinics in the area?
21. If I have a problem with a critter on my property, am I allowed to set a trap for it?
22. Will Rogers Animal Services set traps on my property for me?
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