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Wet Willy's Sand Courts

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2015 is an exciting year for volleyball enthusiasts. The Rogers Parks Department is thrilled for the opportunity to build new courts at the Rogers Aquatics Center. These courts are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis except when programmed by The Rogers Parks or Recreation Department. Bring your own volleyball or check one out at the Rogers Aquatics Center during business hours with a $10 deposit or drivers licence.

l Do not hang on the nets

l NO GLASS of any kind allowed in or around the courts

l Play is first come, first serve unless programmed by the Parks and Recreation Departments

l This is an alcohol, drug, and tobacco free zone

l Be responsible and respectful by using recycling and trash containers

l NO PETS allowed in the sand

l These courts are under 24/7 video surveillance – smile, you are on camera!

l A ball for play is available at the Aquatics Center during business hours for a $10 deposit or drivers license

l Be courteous to all players and stay off the courts when play is in session

l Wet Willy welcomes all who want to play, compete, and have lots of fun as long as you        
 yourselves as ladies and gentlemen

l Have a great time at our park and bring your friends and family next time!

l Two full size beach volleyball courts

l Fine grain sand

l AVP approved lines

l AVP standard nets

l Padded poles for safer play