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Blossom Way

Linking City Trails Together
A popular section of the Blossom Way Trail begins on the south side of Rogers High School on Dixieland Road. The Blossom Way Trail links nearly all the city trail systems together. When complete, it will stretch from Lake Atalanta in northeast Rogers to the Osage Creek area to the west, and link with both the Turtle Creek Trail and the Mt. Hebron Trail.

Connecting Schools & Neighborhoods
The trail will also connect a number of schools with nearby neighborhoods and commercial areas. It was the first trail section in the city’s Master Trail Plan that the city began constructing. The Blossom Way Trail section south of Rogers High School on Dixieland Road includes two 90-foot bridges and a 54-foot bridge each constructed from former railroad cars.

A tree-covered section of trail winds along the Blossom Way Creek, providing a picturesque setting and opportunities for spotting wildlife. The trail also includes walking paths through and around Veteran’s Park.

Additional Information
  • Constructed miles to date: 8.75 miles
  • Planned length: 19.7 miles