Snow and Ice Removal Schedule

City of Rogers Street Department Snow and Ice Removal Schedule
The City of Rogers Street Department provides 24-hour snow and ice removal services for approximately 400 linear miles of roadways within the city limits.  Priority is first given to roadways that permit emergency vehicular traffic through the city.  Specifically, areas around Mercy Medical Center, the city’s fire stations, and police department are the first areas to be addressed. After access to and from health and safety institutions are addressed, the Street Department’s second priority focuses on major arterial roadways that traverse throughout city.  Those roadways include:

  • New Hope Road
  • Dixieland Road
  • Poplar Street
  • First Street 
Other trouble spots that frequently create hazardous conditions are then addressed.  Those usually include Pleasant Ridge Road, and the southern entrance to Brush Creek.  Once these roadways are cleared, the Street Department will begin working on the remainder of the city streets. 
Vehicles on the road, whether traveling or parked, slow the snow removal effort and leave untreated areas scattered throughout the routes.  We request, when possible, vehicles be parked in driveways during winter weather events in order to allow the street department to provide the most efficient service possible.  If you are driving, to prevent possible damage to your vehicle, stay clear of plowing apparatus and sand trucks. Additionally, the Street Department is not able to clear driveways or private roads.
The Street Department has 24 employees that operate two motor graders, four front-end loaders, seven dump trucks with snow plow attachments, and seven trucks spreading a sand/salt mixture.  Sand, magnesium chloride (effective from 32° F to 18° F), and salt with beet juice (effective from 32° F to –6° F) are used as de-icing agents on the roadways.  The Street Department also hires outside contractors with motor graders, as needed.
The following streets are State or Federal Highways and are maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department:
  • U. S. Hwy I-49 north from south City limits to State Hwy 102 (Hudson Road)
  • U. S. Hwy 71-B (Walnut Street) east from I-49 to Hwy 94 (8th Street)
  • U.S. Hwy 71-B (8th Street) north from the south City limits to Walnut Street
  • State Hwy 94 (New Hope Road ) east from U.S. Hwy 71-B (8th Street) to the east City limits
  • State Hwy 94 (8th Street) north from U.S. Hwy 71-B north to the north City limits
  • State Hwy 102 (Hudson Road) east from Bekaert Drive to City limits
  • State Hwy 12 (2nd Street) south from State Highway 102 (Hudson Road) to Locust, then east to the City limit line
The AHTD may be reached at (870) 743-2100.
The employees of the Street Department ask for your continued patience and support during periods of inclement winter weather.  For current updates of particular streets and/or areas being addressed, please visit The City of Rogers facebook page or contact the Street Department at (479) 621-1140 with any questions.