Apply For

  1. Adult Wellness Center Membership

    Check out information for joining the Adult Wellness Center.

  2. Animal Adoptions

    Get information about adopting a pet from the Rogers Animal Shelter.

  3. Animal License

    Learn about how you can obtain an animal license in the City of Rogers.

  4. Building Permit

    Apply for a business, residential or other buidling permit.

  5. Burn Permit

    Check out information about obtaining a burn permit.

  6. Certificate of Occupancy

    Find out the requirements and apply for a certificate of occupany.

  7. City Business License

    Obtain information about applying for a business license.

  8. Employment

    Check out information about job opportunities in the city.

  9. Fire Station Tour / Event Request

    Take a tour of our fire stations or have the department be a part of your next event.

  10. Free Smoke Alarms

    Check out information about the Free Smoke Alarm program offered by the Rogers Fire Department

  11. Rogers Activity Center Membership

    Get information about becoming a member of the Rogers Activity Center.

  12. Rogers Mayor's Youth Council

    The Mayor's Youth Council is composed of 10 high school juniors that are committed to learning, discussing, and serving their City. The deadline to apply is September 4, 2014.

  13. Scholarships for Rogers Activity Center Programs

    Get scholarship information for financial assistance for those wanting to participate in the RAC's programs

  14. Sign or Banner Permit

    Print an application for a sign or banner permit from the Planning Department.

  15. Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteers are greatly appreciated and valued for city projects.