Lane Hotel

Lane Hotel
121 West Poplar

This beautiful, majestic structure is by far the most imposing building in downtown Rogers. This 5-story hotel was built in 1928 and can be seen from miles away. When first built, in was named the Lane Hotel for Little Rock owner S.A. Lane, and was advertised as the first fireproof building in Arkansas. John Parks Almand designed the Spanish Colonial style building, which cost $150,000 in 1928.

Some of the occupants who have stayed at the Lane included aviator Amelia Earhart, boxer Jack Dempsey, and actor Errol Flynn. In 1935 Earl Harris of the Harris Bakery bought the building and changed the name to the Harris Hotel, which was known as the ‘Palace of the Ozarks’. The Orchard Room was added to the back of the hotel around 1939. From 1948 to 1965 it was the Hotel Arkansas.

From 1967 until 1977 it was a retirement home for the Defenders of the Christian Faith. It continued as a retirement home under new management as the Rogers Townhouse until 1999 when it became the Peachtree at the Lane assisted living facility.

Pictured top right: The Lane Hotel in the early 1930s, courtesy of Rogers Historical Museum. Pictured bottom right: Actor Tyrone Power and other cast members of the 1939 film Jesse James stayed at the Lane Hotel while filming scenes in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri, courtesy of the Morning News.
Lane Hotel
Actors on the Set of Jesse James