Your Government

  1. Administration

    Browse the Departments located in City Hall.

  2. Adult Wellness Center

    Check out programs, room reservations, activities, and more exciting opportunities at the Adult Wellness Center.

  3. Airport

    Peruse information about the Rogers Municipal Airport.

  4. Animal Services

    The animal shelter is responsible for animal health and safety.

  5. Aquatics Center

  6. Boards & Commissions

    Peruse the various boards, commissions, and councils in the City of Rogers.

  7. Building Inspections

    Browse information about the Building Inspections Department including reports, fee schedules, current codes, plan requirements, and more.

  8. Cemetery

    Browse information and features about the Rogers Cemetery.

  9. City Clerk

    Peruse information about the City Clerk's Office including building permits, city ordinances, and more.

  10. City Contacts

    Find contact information for various personnel within the Rogers departments.

  11. City Council

    Access information about the Rogers City Council which includes agendas and minutes, members, meeting overviews, and more.

  12. Code Enforcement

    Check out information about the Code Management in Rogers.

  13. Departments

    Explore governmental departments and information pertaining to each.

  14. District Court

    Peruse information about the Rogers District Court including court sessions, FAQs, trials, payments, and more.

  15. Employment

    Learn about the employment opportunities in Rogers.

  16. Fire Department

    Explore the Rogers Fire Department where you can find information about the department and staff, services offered, various permits and forms, and more.

  17. Historical Museum

    Explore information about the Rogers Historical Museum including various photos, visitor information, programs, collections, merchandise, and much more.

  18. Human Resources

    Browse important information about the city's Human Resources Department.

  19. Legal Department

  20. Library

  21. Mayor's Office

    Learn about the mayor of Rogers and the duties of the office.

  22. Parks

    Explore the city's parks, lakes, facilities, and much more.

  23. Planning & Transportation

    Check out information about the Planning and Transportation Department including upcoming projects, workbooks, and more.

  24. Police Department

    Explore the Rogers Police Department where you can learn about the department's mission to serve and protect the citizens of Rogers as well as get informed about the department's divisions, programs, contacts, and more.

  25. Recreation

    Browse information about the Recreation Department including their collaboration with the Rogers Activity Center.

  26. Rogers Recycling Center

    Learn about the city's recycling facility, programs and service.

  27. Inland Waste Solutions

    Learn about residential trash facility, services and programs

  28. Water Utilities

    Browse the Rogers Water Utilities website for information about the city's water utilities, becoming a new customer, employment, and more.