Special Exhibits

Let Us Pray: Early Churches in Rogers

Open through 2017

The early Churches in Rogers were more than houses of worship, they were community gathering places. As the population of Rogers grew, so did the Churches, many of them expanding until a new building needed to be constructed. Only one of these early Churches is still standing and being used on a regular basis, find out which one. Discover what denominations were here first and the role they placed within the community. You'll also get to see artifacts related to these early churches from the museum's collection.

On Fields Far Away: Our Community During the Great War

Open through 2017

In April 1917 the United States entered World War One, which had been raging in Europe for a few years already. Men and women from across the country were sent overseas, and many of them did not return. Come and learn more about our entrance into this conflict and the impact it had on Northwest Arkansas from real stories of men and women who participated in the Great War.

A Rogers Christmas

Open December ONLY

Come and learn about Christmas traditions in Northwest Arkansas at the turn of the century through guided tours of the 1895 Hawkins House. Exhibit is only open during the month of December.