Curbside Garbage Collection


1. Time and Location
  • Materials for collection must be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on the day of your scheduled collection
  • Cart must be less than three feet from the street curb/road
  • Your cart must be at least three feet from the recycling cart 
  • Your cart must be at least six feet from a mailbox
  • Your cart must be at least ten feet from a fire hydrant
  • Your cart lid must be facing the road (wheels towards the house)
2. Issues that will result in garbage not being picked up
  • Carts that are overflowing with trash (lid must be fully closed)
  • Placing cart in an alley for collection
  • Placing cart behind obstacles
  • Co-mingling of bagged trash with bulky waste or appliances
  • Carts weighing over 199 pounds
  • Carts containing dirt
  • Carts containing construction materials (e.g. lumber, dry wall, shingles, etc.) 
  • Carts containing bathroom fixtures
  • Carts containing yard waste*
  • Carts containing bulky waste / appliances**
  • Carts containing automotive fluids***
  • Carts containing tires***
  • Carts containing paint***
  • Carts containing florescent bulbs***
  • Carts containing batteries***
  • Carts containing pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides***
  • Carts containing hazardous waste***
*Items/Material can be disposed at the Rogers Recycling Center (2300 N. Arkansas St.) or the Rogers Street Department (3101 W. Oak St.).  If you wish to have curb side pick up of these items/material, Inland Waste Solutions sales yard waste collection bags at a cost of $2.00 each. The Inland Waste Solutions Office is located at 848 Hwy. 264, Bethel Heights, AR. 

**Bulky Waste (e.g. appliances (non-freon), artificial Christmas trees, furniture, grills, large toys, mattresses, tools, carpet/padding in 4'x4' sections) are collected once a month. Bulky Waste Collection shall be scheduled with Inland Waste Solutions at (479) 878-1384.  Bulky Waste Pickup Schedule

*** Items/Materials can be disposed at the Benton County Solid Waste District (479) 795-0751